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Black Mask is an English term that can also be translated as "black mask". The Black Mask comes from the cosmetics sector and is a face peeling. The peeling becomes a "black mask", which explains the name of the product.
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If you suffer from blackheads and pimples and are looking for a remedy, then read on. The Black Mask offers perhaps the help longed for against visible blackheads.

Have you discovered faces on the Internet with black masks that look like mud masks? Then you probably saw the Black Mask. Are you wondering what the Black Mask is and what successes can be achieved with the cosmetic product? The Black Mask is a peeling mask designed to improve blackheads and refine the appearance of the skin.

How does the Black Mask work?

The Black Mask is used like any commercial face mask. This means it can be easily applied to the skin of the face. After an application time, the mask must be removed from the facial skin. While most other peeling masks are removed or washed off with a cloth, the Black Mask has a peel-off effect.

Peel-off effect? - What's that?

The peel-off effect of the mask only works after a certain application time. The operating time specified by the manufacturer should therefore be observed. The peel-off effect removes blackheads that are already visible on the surface of the skin. The mask hardens after the correct application time. If it is hard, it can be removed from the face. The blackheads should be pulled out with the mask.

What is the active ingredient in Black Mask?

The mask consists of several substances. However, activated carbon is responsible for the main effect. The activated carbon becomes oxidative and removes visible blackheads from the skin. The loosened blackheads are gripped by the hardening of the mask. By removing the mask the gripped blackheads are removed. The activated carbon also explains the black coloration of the mask. Usually salicylic acid, vitamins and alumina are present as additional active substances.

Is there side effects?

The user can react individually to the mask. If you cannot cope with perfumed peelings or skin peelings with alcohol, you should buy a Black Mask without these substances. Alcohol and perfume can irritate the skin. Contact allergies can also be caused by ingredients such as eucalyptus. People with sensitive skin should seek advice in a pharmacy.

Application of the Black Mask

Avoid taking the Black Mask. The mask is only applied to the skin according to the manufacturer's instructions and dosage and is not applied orally. After application, the mask is left on the skin for the time specified by the manufacturer. After the application time, the mask hardens and goes from a mud-like to a rubber-like consistency. The "rubber mask" can easily be removed.

Black Mask - what to look out for when buying?

Make sure to buy the mask only from reputable dealers to avoid fake buy. Furthermore, the product should be of high quality and contain only the required substances. For example, products are available that also offer an anti-aging effect. The question is whether the effect is really needed. You should therefore consider what effects the Black Mask should have before you buy it. The mask may contain alumina as a substance. Clay has a drying effect, which is why the mask should also contain moisturising active ingredients.

Further treatment instructions?

After treatment with a Black Mask, make sure that moisturising substances are also applied to the skin of the face. The mask can dry out.

Black Mask - does it really work?

The Black Mask can certainly deliver a success against blackheads. But it's not a miracle cure. The mask pulls blackheads, which can be seen on the skin surface, out of the skin pores. Blackheads that lie even deeper in the skin cannot be removed with the product. Before After Pictures are not available in this article. If you want to read an evaluation, you can consult internet reviews.

Are there studies or a reviews for the product?

A review for the product is guaranteed to be found on the Internet. If you want to read experience reports, you should definitely consult a serious test site or a serious forum. Customer reports can certainly also be found at amazon under Customer Reviews.

Where can I get the mask?

There are many sources of supply on the net. The sources are just not always reliable. We have provided a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to a reputable source. Only with an effective Black Mask can you achieve results.

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