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Long, curved eyelashes, a seductive look - the epitome of femininity and an Instant Knockout. For this, women try a lot: they test various products, treatments and home remedies. The results often fail to show up, leaving frustration and an ever emptier wallet.
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Short, feeble lashes?

Many women wish for longer, fuller lashes. For example, they find their lashes too short, sparse or inconspicuous and sometimes suffer from this.
Are you part of it and have already undergone one or two sobering treatments? Are you finally wishing for successes? Are you disappointed by unfulfilled advertising promises of numerous products and about to give up because nothing works? Have you invested a lot of time, money and nerves, had bad experiences and still haven't gotten closer to your dream eyelashes? Wouldn't it be great if the solution was within reach?
A cheap, safe product, developed by scientists and tested in studies, which works?
A new product now promises exactly this: Is Miralash the long-awaited solution to this problem?

How the product works

In principle, the solution approach pursued with the product is quite simply explained: The unique Miralash formula prolongs the growth phase of the lashes.
Like any hair, lashes have growth cycles. They grow for a while and then fall out again on their own. So if you occasionally lose not only a single hair but also an eyelash, that's no reason to panic, but completely normal: this hair has simply reached the end of its growth cycle. If your lashes are light and simply stop growing above a certain length, this is simply because the life cycle of the individual lashes is too short and thus already over before they have reached a beautiful length.
This eyelash serum now prolongs this growth phase: the individual hair can grow longer before it falls out naturally. The result is thicker, more voluminous and stronger eyelashes - without the need for constant pills, as with Testofuel or Mind Lab Pro.

What is Miralash?

Miralash is an eyelash serum that is now widely available in the pharmacy and even drugstores due to its simple applicability. The difference to these other sera is the ideal composition of the active ingredients, so that on the one hand the safety for the eyes and the sensitive skin of the eye area, and on the other hand the effectiveness is guaranteed. This perfect combination has been laboratory tested and confirmed and is unique on the market.

What are the ingredients?

According to the manufacturer, only the highest quality ingredients are used for the eyelash serum, which are presented transparently on the homepage:
Water, propanediol, panthenol, glycerin, biotinoyl tripeptide-1, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, dechloro dihydroxy difluoro ethylcloprostenolamide, disodium EDTA, ethylhexylglycerin, niacinamide, panax ginseng root extract, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, soluble collagen, urtica dioica (nettle) extract

Does the product have side effects?

Unlike other products, Miralash does not cause side effects, which is particularly important in the sensitive eye area. Other products are often either only effective, but not really suitable for the sensitive eye area, or certainly for the eye area, but completely ineffective. The aim of this product was to perfectly combine both components, safety effectiveness.
Miralash was therefore carefully developed over several months by a team of specialists. No irritations, allergies or other problems occurred during the entire investigation period.
The product was tested in an independent research centre by dermatologists and allergologists. The studies conducted confirm both: Miralash really works and is also a safe product for use on the eye.

How do the application and dosage work?

The handling and dosage from Miralash are very easy and uncomplicated. With other products like Prime Male, you are used to trading or thinking about taking several times a day for the desired effect. Miralash, on the other hand, will simply apply to cleansed skin like a transparent eyeliner with the applicator along the lash line in the evening after removing make-up. You need so little product that a single bottle lasts about 5 months.
In the morning you can put on make-up as usual; an additional morning job would not accelerate the result. For this you have to be patient for a few weeks up to 3 months. Unlike other products, Miralash gives you a long-lasting effect that you can maintain with only 1-2 applications per week.
Until you achieve this desired effect, however, you should apply the product regularly so that you reach the full effect as quickly as possible.

The Miralash success

Miralash really works: the manufacturer promises stronger, thicker and longer lashes; it stimulates lash growth, prolongs the growth cycle of the lashes and thus improves the overall condition of the lashes.
This is confirmed by many experience reports on the Internet: many testers notice this successes after only a few weeks.

Can Miralash really work?

Miralash has been thoroughly tested in an independent research centre by dermatologists and allergologists for both safety and efficacy. The tests carried out there confirm not only the effectiveness of the product, but also the safety of its application to the eye.

Studies confirm the effectiveness of Miralash!

In these tests, the product was of course not only tested for theoretical efficacy, but also on numerous real test subjects:
67% of the women examined reported thicker eyelashes.
80% of the women examined noticed stronger eyelashes.
87% of women confirm that the condition of their eyelashes has improved.

You want Before After Pictures?

You don't trust a review, you just believe what you see? Unlike products like Vitallusplus, you'll find authentic reviews of real women and their pictures before and after the Miralash reviews on the manufacturer's website. Convince yourself of the effectiveness!

What reviews and experience reports are there?

Not only the evaluation on the manufacturer's site, but also numerous real experiences on the Internet from around the world confirm the effectiveness of Miralash. In this context you will also find countless before and after pictures! Miralash is not a fake! You will not only find a review of authentic users in one or the other relevant forum.

Where can you do buy Miralash?

The product has quickly made a name for itself: Miralash stands for highest product quality and risk-free use. Of course, this means that the product is often copied and counterfeit products regularly come onto the market. For your own Miralash experience you should not follow any supposedly cheap tips from the forum, or simply get the product like Instant Knockout, Prime Male or Mind Lap Pro from amazon. Otherwise you run the risk of purchasing a copy of the product. Make sure you buy directly from the manufacturer. This is the only way to ensure that you receive a fresh, authentic product of optimum quality.
At the manufacturer you will not only find a cheap price, but you can also pay for order.
And what if the product doesn't work? Then you benefit from the 90-day money-back guarantee, which invites you to risk-free testing.

price comparison

Such an effective, safe product certainly has its price? On the contrary!
The Miralash starter package costs just 39EUR. Already from two packs for a total of 65EUR you can order order. It will be even cheaper if you team up with a few friends and order 3 packs: 3 packs are free of shipping for 107EUR. The price comparison is worthwhile here.
Many products that serve self-optimization, such as Testofuel, Mind Lab Pro or Vitallusplus, cost many times over. And one pack of eyelash serum is enough for a full 5 months - and thus for an extensive test run.

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